The Countdown!

So, this week I got a really exciting email about my first few days at my new home/job and such. It made me so excited! So, as of today(which is July 28th, if you didn't know), I have 18 days until I leave Cache Valley and move to the O.C.! This is sort of the "itinerary" of the road trip/moving/mini vacation me and my wonderful mother are taking. 

So 1st of all...
My last day of work at Lowes is August 12! That's two weeks away! I can't believe it, and I'm gonna miss the people I work with, they are awesome! That means I will have Friday and Saturday to finish up all the things that I need to do here! Crazy stuff!! 

2nd of all...

Day #1- I'm having breakfast with my siblings and parents and then me and my mother are on the road. We're staying in Mesquite,NV for the night of the 15th, because we got a really good deal on a room at the hotel/casino we always stay at. :)

Day #2- We will be driving from Mesquite,NV to Anaheim. We don't really have anything else planned for that day except for to take some flowers to All Souls Cemetery & Mausoleum where we buried my Great Grandmas ashes with her mom when we went to Disneyland in March. I also want to take my mom to the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. because I absolutely love it! 

Day #3- DISNEYLAND! :):):)

Day #4-  This is my official move-in day! The "See You Real Soon" email I received last Friday had a summary of the things that will be happening on this day.  What it said was:
"Arrival and Check in: Family and friends are welcome to join you and can wait in one of our common areas while you check in. Due to limited space they may not proceed through the check in process with you. You can expect to spend approximately 90 minutes checking in and completing your housing and I-9 paperwork. Attend 45 minute mandatory housing meeting in the Housing Office, #300. Your specific housing meeting start time will be scheduled upon arrival." 
The rest of the day we have just for moving in and settling in and meeting my new roommates and everything! 

Day #5- This day is orientation! We will be doing final on boarding stuff and learning about resources available to us as cast members. 

Day #6/7- Full day of what they call "Traditions". It is our first day of paid work. It's an all day thing, and I'm actually way excited for it! I think it will be tons of fun! 

So, that is what I'll be doing my first week in Californi-a! I can't wait and am so blessed to have this opportunity! I'll make sure to keep this thing updated and full of fun Disney stuff!! 

Oh ALSO--I wanna say thanks to my Aunt Jen who made this FAB blog header that you see on my page! :) 


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