Yes, I am in fact still alive.

Hello family and friends! I know it has been a long time since I have updated this and I do apologize. I've been so busy I just haven't had the time. So let me just recap and just give you an overview of what I've been up to. 
Since my last post I have: 

A- Gone to Knott's Berry Farm for Knott's Scary Farm. I'm not really that big of a fan of things following you around or popping out at you every 5 seconds and for that, it wasn't my favorite thing I've done here so far, but it wasn't horrible either! 

B- Worked...alot. It seems like that's all I do. But that's ok!!

C- Gone to a TV show taping for the show "Rules of Engagement" starring David Spade and Patrick Wharburton on my roomies 21st bday! It was FAB! 

D- Decided on what I'm going to major in....drumroll please....Environmental Science. That's very vague for now, but I know what I want to do with it and that's a start. To begin that process will, in fact, be causing me to move up to the Pacific Northwest, for the schooling I will be needing. Now, it is in fact very convenient that my favorite twin brother happens to live there, which I'm pretty happy about. I will be needing to start applying for residency right away which means, in January I will be on my merry way up there. After I'm there I plan on working full time and taking my online classes for the Spring semester, until I am in fact a resident of the state of Washington. I cannot begin to tell you how excited and relieved I am to have this part of my life sort of figured out so I can get a move on with it. I love the Disney company and have enjoyed my experience here, but until I have graduated from college I am not planning on staying here.

It is beginning to show signs of the holiday season here at the Disneyland Resort and I cannot tell you how excited I am for that. I LOVE CHRISTMASTIME! There is Christmas merch here already, and I just can't wait until I can start listening to Christmas music without it being "too early" or "weird". hahaha. As soon as that tree is up at Disneyland the Christmas tunes come out though! I miss Cache Valley especially right now as it is beginning to snow, and I miss my friends and family, but I am so excited and looking forward to the future. I love you all and I hope to hear from you all too! It gets lonely here not hearing from anybody back home;)! 

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BTW- I am OBSESSED with this song! haha


September Update!

Hellllo! I have a whole bunch of things that I need to talk about so here we go.
I've officially been living in the Disney College Program housing in Anaheim for one month as of Saturday. I have two other roommates, Rachel and Katie. Our apartment is cute and in the last post I posted some pictures of it! This month has been so exciting and I can't wait to tell you all about the best day I've had here so far(which was yesterday, by the way). 
I've been working a whole bunch and I am a cashier at the Taste Pilot Grill in California Adventure. I like it, it's pretty neat I suppose. Here are pictures of my work/costume for work:

This is me in my Taste Pilot uniform. 

This is the Taste Pilot Grill.

I've been going to Disneyland alot on my days off and just exploring new places. Here are some pictures of my new adventures! 

*My roomie Rachel and I bought matching Buzz & Woody shirts/backpacks and wore them to Disneyland one day! hahaha

Last but not least! Yesterday we went to the Jonas Brothers concert in Irvine and let me just tell you, I had the time of my life. It was amazing. They are amazing live and so is Demi Lovato. Ashley Greene from Twilight was there too for anyone who cares(cause she's like dating Joe). It was by far the best concert I've been to EVER! We got in for the soundcheck before the concert and we were literally like 3 feet away from Joe most of the time. They played all their good stuff and they were all looking so good! hahaha! Here are a whole bunch of pictures from that! 



          This last week has been crazy, but super fun! We got to Anaheim last Monday, and went exploring and to Long Beach. On Tuesday my mom and I woke up really early and went to Magic Morning at Disneyland. I had a ton of fun just hanging out with her! I met up with Cesilie and Kylie, some of the girls who were going to be roommates with Rachel and I. They were both super sweet and we were all way excited to finally start our program!     
We showed up at Carnagie around like 7ish, and were like the 6th people in line. We checked in and got our keys and stuff and started moving in. I finally met my roomie Rachel, who is awesome and we didn't meet our other roommate Katie until like 12 or so! Later on we had a house meeting thing where they went over the rules. 
The next day we had orientation and then thursday was Traditions, our first day of paid work! We had Friday off and had to wait until Saturday to get our Cast Member name tags & ID's. 

I went to the park on Saturday after traditions with Rachel, Andrew, Cesilie and Ashlee(it was her first time at Disneyland!) It was a ton of fun! Yesterday we had a "Welcome To" class about foods. We also found out where we are going to be working. I am going to be a Cashier at Taste Pilot's Grill in DCA. :) Today I go back to work and have my first on the job training. :) 

My New Home


Say Goodbye To The Way I Was Before, Say Hello To A New Way

In approximately 10.5 hours I will be on my way out of town. The past two days have been hectic and I honestly was getting so overwhelmed by everything happening. I thought that it would take forever for this day to get here, and here it is. Where has time gone? The world is spinning faster and making time fly by. I hope that is not how the program is. I want to savor every moment and take it all in and enjoy it. I really appreciate all the support I have from my family and friends, and how I have reconnected with old friends, as well about to make new ones. I am so excited for a change. I am excited to "reinvent" myself and to get my head on straight and figure out what I want to do with my life. I'm thankful for all of you who support me and help me be a better person. Love you all! 


Hi All! Wow, it has been a crazy last couple weeks and so I have had absolutely no time to update everyone on what's going on, so here it goes.
#1- I move on Sunday which is 4 days away. Oh my goodness, FOUR DAYS! I can't possibly begin to tell you how exciting this is for me. I have butterflies! haha
#2- Tomorrow is my last day at Lowe's, which makes me a little sad, because there are some awesome people I've met there that I will miss, but ya know, nothing beats Disneyland ;).
#3- I should probably be packing right now. I have most, well some of my things packed already and I am currently blogging instead of packing. There's a word for that..PROCRASTINATION. Packing is super boring and honestly I have moved so much that I hate packing so much. UGH it's kind of a drag. haha :) 
#4 (Which is the best number, by the way): I am just gonna tell everyone some of the awesomely cute things that I will be bringing with me to my internship. 
  • Cute Disney Princess Boxes-My work had this super cute Disney Princess Rubbermaid Tote for chep that I HAD to get, and the lid is pink and glittery!! AH! I also got a cute box for my movies which I love, and a Princess Tiana box for my jewelry!
  • I bought a CUTE new suitcase which is kind of beatles-esque and I love it so much! Oh my word it is cute!! 
  • My Aunt Jen got me some really cute Ikea magnet things that are in really cute colors that I love! 
  • My mother is buying me these cute coasters that she got at Disneyland in March that we use everyday, and they are so so so so so cute!
  • I have some cute business casual clothes too :)
So...I will see if I end up with time to do any updating in the next 4 days if there is anything left to say. 
If you want to email me while I'm gone and be "pen pals" my email address is:


Hello! I have 13, well basically 12 days until I leave to Anaheim, and so I just wanted to share some of my favorite Disney stuff as a countdown of sorts. :)


The Countdown!

So, this week I got a really exciting email about my first few days at my new home/job and such. It made me so excited! So, as of today(which is July 28th, if you didn't know), I have 18 days until I leave Cache Valley and move to the O.C.! This is sort of the "itinerary" of the road trip/moving/mini vacation me and my wonderful mother are taking. 

So 1st of all...
My last day of work at Lowes is August 12! That's two weeks away! I can't believe it, and I'm gonna miss the people I work with, they are awesome! That means I will have Friday and Saturday to finish up all the things that I need to do here! Crazy stuff!! 

2nd of all...

Day #1- I'm having breakfast with my siblings and parents and then me and my mother are on the road. We're staying in Mesquite,NV for the night of the 15th, because we got a really good deal on a room at the hotel/casino we always stay at. :)

Day #2- We will be driving from Mesquite,NV to Anaheim. We don't really have anything else planned for that day except for to take some flowers to All Souls Cemetery & Mausoleum where we buried my Great Grandmas ashes with her mom when we went to Disneyland in March. I also want to take my mom to the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. because I absolutely love it! 

Day #3- DISNEYLAND! :):):)

Day #4-  This is my official move-in day! The "See You Real Soon" email I received last Friday had a summary of the things that will be happening on this day.  What it said was:
"Arrival and Check in: Family and friends are welcome to join you and can wait in one of our common areas while you check in. Due to limited space they may not proceed through the check in process with you. You can expect to spend approximately 90 minutes checking in and completing your housing and I-9 paperwork. Attend 45 minute mandatory housing meeting in the Housing Office, #300. Your specific housing meeting start time will be scheduled upon arrival." 
The rest of the day we have just for moving in and settling in and meeting my new roommates and everything! 

Day #5- This day is orientation! We will be doing final on boarding stuff and learning about resources available to us as cast members. 

Day #6/7- Full day of what they call "Traditions". It is our first day of paid work. It's an all day thing, and I'm actually way excited for it! I think it will be tons of fun! 

So, that is what I'll be doing my first week in Californi-a! I can't wait and am so blessed to have this opportunity! I'll make sure to keep this thing updated and full of fun Disney stuff!! 

Oh ALSO--I wanna say thanks to my Aunt Jen who made this FAB blog header that you see on my page! :)