This last week has been crazy, but super fun! We got to Anaheim last Monday, and went exploring and to Long Beach. On Tuesday my mom and I woke up really early and went to Magic Morning at Disneyland. I had a ton of fun just hanging out with her! I met up with Cesilie and Kylie, some of the girls who were going to be roommates with Rachel and I. They were both super sweet and we were all way excited to finally start our program!     
We showed up at Carnagie around like 7ish, and were like the 6th people in line. We checked in and got our keys and stuff and started moving in. I finally met my roomie Rachel, who is awesome and we didn't meet our other roommate Katie until like 12 or so! Later on we had a house meeting thing where they went over the rules. 
The next day we had orientation and then thursday was Traditions, our first day of paid work! We had Friday off and had to wait until Saturday to get our Cast Member name tags & ID's. 

I went to the park on Saturday after traditions with Rachel, Andrew, Cesilie and Ashlee(it was her first time at Disneyland!) It was a ton of fun! Yesterday we had a "Welcome To" class about foods. We also found out where we are going to be working. I am going to be a Cashier at Taste Pilot's Grill in DCA. :) Today I go back to work and have my first on the job training. :) 

My New Home

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  1. I'm so glad you're having fun!
    Your apartment looks awesome, thanks for sending me the address, now I'll have no excuse not to send you mail. ;)
    I'm excited you're keeping us up to date on all your activities, I'm also trying not to be jealous of all the fun Disneyland pictures.
    Love you Court!!